Intro to Sourdough Baking (February 23rd)

Intro to Sourdough Baking (February 23rd)


Little Wildbranch Bakery is so pleased to share her sourdough baking knowledge with you so that you can bake bread at home! This IS exciting!

Not only are we baking bread! We are building a community of bakers!

You will receive a free proofing basket, a free bowl scraper and free razor blades for scoring your bread!

February 23rd

2-5 pm

Venue: One of the baker’s apt on 81st and 34th!

In this hands-on intensive 3 hour workshop, you will learn all of the steps of bread baking using sourdough starter as your leavening. Each baker will learn how to maintain a sourdough starter, which they will make and take home. You will also take home the dough you made in class in your new proofing basket which you will bake at home. After this 3 hour workshop you will have all of the necessary knowledge needed to be able to bake sourdough bread at home.

You will be given resources, recipes and insider tips!

Here’s an example of how the class will go!

Learn how to feed the starter.

Make a new dough, which will be taken through all of the necessary steps throughout the class time.

Bread tasting with various spreads and cheeses!

Shape the dough you made.

Bake the dough that Kim prepped and is ready to bake. (sourdough baking takes far more time than 3 hours, so Kim will have dough prepped in various stages so that you can experience the entire process)

Q & A / refreshments and more bread tasting.

No refunds.

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