Kim Joseph  Photo by Jessie Bruah

Kim Joseph

Photo by Jessie Bruah

About Your Baker

Kim Joseph is originally from Youngstown, Ohio and currently resides in Jackson Heights, Queens. She has lived in New York for about a 15 years, although for three years she lived, traveled and taught English in Indonesia and Japan! Kim is a Hunter College graduate, a former English teacher and Starbucks supervisor, a creative writer, an excellent home chef, an obsessed fermenter and a baker of sourdough bread and delectable treats.

Kim's sourdough journey began in 2016, when her friend sent her home with two warm loaves of sourdough bread. Kim had recently returned from living in Japan, and wasn't eating bread at that time because she had grown accustomed to eating rice. Additionally, Kim has a slight intolerance to wheat, so she kept away from it. She discovered that the sourdough bread felt lighter in her body than other breads and it digested easily. She learned about the prebiotic nature of the wild yeast that makes sourdough what it is, and was drawn to learn how to bake it. No other bread would do! Kim is delighted and honored to share this bread with you! Her passion for real food and real bread grows as she continues to express her creativity in baking and perfect her skills. 

What's in a name?

My father used to lovingly call me his "Little Wildbranch." This name refers to something that survives in the field, outside of the usual limits and norms. I can't think of anything else that describes me so perfectly.

I have recently survived three neurosurgeries! A person does not go through traumatic life experiences without being transformed, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  I have since been continually growing in each of these ways! It has given me the courage to start Little Wildbranch Bakery and live my life the way I feel most fulfilled and content. I am pleased and humbled to be your baker.